How to Choose a Mountain Bike

How to Choose a Mountain Bike


A mountain bike is a bicycle that is designed to handle off-road conditions; it is designed for rough terrain from sand to rocks and everything in between. There are many different kinds of mountain bikes and many different options for outfitting your bicycle. Just because a mountain bike is designed for off-road does not mean that it cannot also be your way to get around on roads.

The main impediment to riding a mountain bike on the road is the tires. The tires of a mountain bike are knobby tires with large tread for handling muddy and sandy conditions. This can increase the friction that the tires have with the road and make it more difficult to pedal. If you are dedicated to riding your mountain bike on the road, you can buy different tires to smooth out your commute somewhat.

Suspension Options

There are three basic options for suspension on your mountain bike. You can have no suspension, single suspension, or dual suspension. The single suspension means that the front forks have shocks on them; dual suspension means that both the front and rear tires have shocks.

A mountain bike without suspension is somewhat rare but it’s not unheard of. Suspension smooths out your ride somewhat and makes it easier to ride through uneven terrain so if you intend to use your mountain bike for riding on roads, it might not be necessary.

Most people choose single suspension for their mountain bikes. Because suspension absorbs some of the force of pedaling, a dual suspension mountain bike can make it much more difficult to pedal. Whichever kind of suspension you prefer, you can find an appropriate Basikal MTB in Malaysia.

Frame Size

The size of your bicycle is typically defined by the size of the frame and the size of the tires. The most common size for a mountain bike tire is 26 inches. When you are looking at mountain bikes, most of the ones for adults will have 26-inch tires.

However, if you want an even more stable and versatile ride, you can choose a 29-inch tire. The frame size determines how well you can ride the bicycle and how much control you’ll have over the bicycle.

A smaller frame will give you more control over the bicycle but it will also mean that you have to bend more to ride the bicycle. Also, you might not be able to deliver as much force to the pedals when you’re riding. Those who like a smooth and comfortable ride through the trail will often choose a larger frame; larger frames are higher off the ground and heavier.

That makes for a smoother ride. If you want to have a more exciting ride, you’ll need more control over the bicycle. That control comes from having a smaller bicycle frame.

The average person usually needs a bicycle frame between about 18 and 21 inches. They are measured as the length of the seat post. Searching through a good retailer, you’ll find many different options for frames.

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