The Benefits of E-bikes

The Benefits of E-bikes


E-bikes, or electric bikes, look like standard bicycles with one exception—they include a small electric motor. This motor can be used to power the bike when you don’t want to pedal. Some e-bikes are almost like mopeds in that you don’t have to do much work at all, while others require you to pedal but help you propel your e-bike forward.

They make use of small rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to worry about adding any petrol. If you’ve never ridden an e-bike before, you may be surprised at how smooth and easy the ride is. These bikes also have a number of surprising benefits.


Most people would assume that since you’re not pedaling as much, you’re not getting as much exercise. However, that’s not necessarily true. When you ride a standard bicycle, you are doing all the work, but you’re also getting fairly tired. You probably don’t want to ride for as long or as far. With an e-bike, though, you’re not working as hard. This means you can ride farther and longer, so you’re actually exercising for a longer period of time and still getting a workout.

You also have to remember that riding a bike uses more than just your leg muscles. Balancing on your bike requires using your core muscles, and steering requires the use of your arms, shoulders, and upper body. Riding an electric bicycle makes use of all of those muscles, so you really are getting a full body workout.

Help the Environment

Riding a moped or other motorbike uses up fuel and releases fumes into the air. Riding an Ebike, on the other hand, does not. These vehicles use very little energy since you’re helping pedal. You also save money on petrol, and the amount of electricity needed to power your Ebike will hardly impact your utility bill. You won’t pollute the air as much, and your costs go down.

Find Easy Parking

Do you work or often visit an area with very little parking? Now you don’t have to drive around the parking lot trying to find an open space. Your e-bike can be parked on a bike rack or even taken inside and stored in your office until you’re ready to leave.

Less Traffic Stress

Along those same lines, you won’t be stuck in traffic when riding your e-bike. Instead, you can zip along through the bike lanes or slip between vehicles to make it to work or school without any fear of being late.

Stay Fresh and Relaxed

Commuting to work on a standard bicycle can leave you feeling sweaty, dirty, and tired. No one wants to start off their work day like that. With an e-bike, you arrive at the office without feeling like you just rode your bike several kilometers. You can walk right in and sit down with a client without wondering if you look professional. You also don’t have to have a change of clothing at the office for the warmer days when you know you’ve been perspiring.

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