Why Pilates Is Great for Athletes

Why Pilates Is Great for Athletes


Pilates isn’t another fad, here today and gone tomorrow, as it has many excellent benefits to offer all people, including professional, amateur and recreational athletes. Whether you play tennis for a local club, football professionally or have a passion for swimming, you’ll find that Pilates has so much to offer you, including reducing the frequency of injuries and developing core strength, which enables you to increase your power output and develop better control of your body.

These are great benefits that can really help you to perform better when playing sports and as there are Pilates centers popping up everywhere, you won’t have to travel far to find out for yourself just why affordable Bayswater Pilates classes are so popular among athletes at all levels.

Increased Core Strength

While Pilates helps athletes to strengthen their arms and legs as well, it has a focus on the core which has many advantages for athletes at all levels, from recreational through to professional. The core is one of the most important areas that an athlete can focus on, as it enables them to improve their posture which has a world of benefits to offer.

  • Good posture can help to reduce injuries
  • It helps athletes to increase power output
  • It improves strength in the hips and lowers back

Regardless of what level you play sports at, whether that’s recreationally on the weekends, amateur with the aim of one day playing at a professional level, or professionally where you earn a wage by playing for a club, Pilates will help you to perform better and more safely.

Reduced Injuries

There are several ways in which Pilates classes conducted by an experienced trainer can help athletes to reduce the frequency and the severity in which injuries occur. A common issue among athletes is pelvis instability which can lead to lower back pain and lumbar problems, which is a postural problem that can be corrected through exercises that focus on improving core strength.

Pilates helps by increasing flexibility through the hip flexors, bringing the hips into a more natural and neutral position which reduces the strain that physical activities often place on the hamstrings and lower back. The more flexible and limber an athlete is (hence the importance of warming up), the less likely they are to experience injuries.

Greater Output

All athletes, whether they play tennis, golf or American football, will benefit from improving their physical output and Pilates is a great way to increase core strength and increase muscle balance.

The stronger and more stable one’s core, the greater the output they’re able to exert because most movements come from the core region. What’s more, as many Pilates exercises are unilateral, it’s also great for improving muscle balance by strengthening an athlete’s ‘weak side’.

With excellent benefits like these, it’s impossible to deny that Pilates isn’t a great way for athletes to improve their physical performance, reduce the likelihood of injuries and remain active for longer. Regardless of the sport you play and at which level, Pilates has many benefits to offer you.

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